Sohrab Jam

Sohrab Jam, 45, graduated of performing arts. He began his activities by violin training and after a while he was entered in theater based on personal interest and demonstrates his skills in acting in different performances. His last performance that named "a written on coffin" was well received by viewers and stayed on stage for several months. After several performances, Jam quickly became a well-known figure and gradually some enemies appeared. A conflict occurred between him and some unidentified persons in the city's main theater. During this attack, his face and part of the scene had been damaged due to firing but he could identify and eliminate all enemies with serious follow-up. After this attack and damage to his face, Jam suffered from some form of mental illness and was hospitalized in a mental institution for a long time. But he has a history of mental illness dating back to age of 24, when he suffered from schizophrenia. He could control it with medication. Jam was becoming a more dangerous man and his high motivation for revenge demonstrated many hazards. But in the last adventure, he decided to fight…

Pejman Radmanesh

Pejman Radmanesh, 35, is a police officer and teacher in criminology at universities. After hiring in the police force, he was seriously active in the crime scene investigation circle. His valuable experience in the field of crime scene identification is known and famous. But a different and strange case changed everything and…

Faramarz Shafiq

Faramarz Shafiq, 58, is a law graduate. At the age of 32, he used his influence in mafia gangs and association with drug dealers to do legal activities and circumvent legal barriers in these groups. Criminals increasingly paid attention to him due to his quite different character and eclectic attitude in dealing with people. His numerous cases regarding money laundering, bribery and smuggling made him a subject known to police…

Darioush Mehregan

Dr. Dariush Mehregan, 68, holds a PhD degree in psychiatry and also holds a PhD degree in Philosophy. With his valuable experience in medicine and philosophy, he developed a new method for treatment. By relying on philosophical themes and an in-depth attitude towards the world around and inside humans, he developed a certain kind of intellectual and philosophical paradigm to the world. But facing with a strange man different from what he had seen before challenged his several years of experience and knowledge…


Farhad Ariafar, 45, completed his academic studies in the Police University and entered into the police force at the age of 27. Ariafar quickly improved his position and has been appointed as the colonel of destruction of drug trafficking and mafia gangs. His serious personality in identifying and destructing drug trafficking gangs and forming detection groups make him famous among the public. But this seriousness and determination to eliminate mafia gangs made Ariafar subject to threats from drug gangs. He was repeatedly attacked by criminals and he survived from the last attack then…


After a strange accident, he lost his memory and became a wandering man. Many factors and events wiped out his memory. His skin tissue was damaged and part of it was destroyed in firing. His exposure to sunlight led to much suffering for him, so he has took refuge into the darkness of night. He is suffering from depression due to irreparable damage to his psyche. Shabgard has nothing to lose. No one can help him. He has no choice but to surrender to fate…


The only information available for this person is the title of "Metroman" which is labeled to him by people.




About Game

When the criminals are running from justice and turning the world into a worthless place, a man of night rises against them from deep down of shadows. He is The Darkphantom, angel of night and voice of justice. He has unwillingly entered a future vague adventure.
A hero, who turns to criminal’s nightmare to find his dark foretime.

System Requirements

System Requirements

Game Features

The Darkphantom is a 3D third person shooter powered by UDK technology with emphasis on covering and dynamic gun fights. The player will play in the role of Shabgard, a man robbed of his past, seeking light in the darkness.
The game features advanced A.I. that not only take advantage of covers but also work cooperatively to force player out of cover to make the gameplay dynamic and keep player on his toes. This results in tactical but yet fast paced action. Shabgard also possesses the abilities of Bullet Tag and Close Quarters Combat (CQC) to aid him in his way of vengeance.
The game offers a compelling dark story with several unique Antagonists in a fictional modern city full of criminals and villains. The dark tone of the game is enhanced by the dark and comic style art and spectacular and special effects achieved by UDK engine.
Key Features:
- Gears of war-like cover system with fluid controls
- High quality cutscenes
- Various game mechanics like Bullet Tag, CQC and QTE
- Advanced A.I. System for making the gun fights challenging
- Use of Advanced Technology like Face FX, Apex and Motion Capture
- Dark and compelling story and world with unique art style
- Vast cast of characters
- Online Multiplayer mode that you can play various game mode like death match with your friends or others over the net

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